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2. A group of radio frequencies close together on the electromagnetic spectrum.

4. Type of radio transmission in which both transmission and reception occur on the same frequency.

6. Radio code system published by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers that uses the number "ten" followed by another code number.

7. A radio base station modified to retransmit a radio broadcast so the range of the broadcast can increase.

9. A fundamental unit of electrical power.

13. A process by which the repeater station receiving the strongest incoming signal is chosen to rebroadcast that signal.

14. A system to expedite radio transmissions by automatically routing, usually by computer, the transmissions to the next available frequency in the order they are received.

15. An electronic device that transmits sound waves and telemetry over distances using electromagnetic waves.

16. A measurement of a radio frequency, on cycle per second.


1. The process of transmitting physiological data, such as an electrocardiogram, over distance, usually by radio.

3. A device that receives and recognizes unique codes or tones sent over the air.

5. A graphic recording of the electrical activities of the heart.

8. A device that transforms electrical energy into sound waves.

10. Type of radio transmission in which voice and other data can be transmitted simultaneously by use of multiple frequencies.

11. A device for generating unique codes or tones that are recognized by another radio's decoder.

12. Type of radio transmission in which simultaneous transmission and reception occur using two frequencies.


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