EMS-Medical/Legal Issues 
Definitions Crossword

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5. A deviation from an accepted standard of care.

7. Type of consent obtained with a situation involving an unconscious patient where care is initiated under the premise that the patient would desire such care if he or she were conscious and able to make the decision.

10. The granting of privileges by a physician to a non-physician to perform well-delineated skills and procedures. (Delegation of __________)

11. The division of the legal system that deals with wrongs against society or its members.

15. An action that places a person in immediate fear of bodily harm.

17. The act of injuring a person's character, name, or reputation by false or malicious writings.

18. Type of consent to treat based upon a court order or magistrate's order that is against the desires expressed by the patient.

19. Type of consent consisting of verbal, non-verbal, or written communication by a patient that he or she wishes to receive medical care.

20. A branch of civil law concerning civil wrongs between two parties. (______ Law)


1. The granting of permission to treat by a patient to a health care provider.

2. Type of consent obtained only after the patient has had the risks and benefits of treatment explained in a manner which the patient understands.

3. The division of the legal system that deals with non-criminal issues and conflicts between two parties.

4. Laws designed to protect from liability persons who assist at the scene of a medical emergency.

6. The act or process of carrying on a lawsuit.

8. The unlawful touching of a person without his or her consent.

9. A written request to withhold heroic life support measures from a patient with a terminal condition.

12. A legal document whereby a patient designates another person to make health care decisions for them. (Durable Power of __________ for Health Care)

13. The termination of a health care provider-patient relationship, without assurance that an equal or greater level of care will continue.

14. A legal concept describing a person, who, through his or her actions, does something that produces an effect. (___________ Cause)

16. The act of injuring a person's character, name, or reputation by false or malicious spoken words.


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