Musculoskeletal Injuries Definitions Crossword

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2. Movement of a body part or extremity away from the midline.

8. To join together and permit motion.

12. Displacement of a bone or other structure from its normal anatomical location.

17. Connective tissue connecting bone to bone and holding the joints together.

18. Small perforations of the long bones through which the blood vessels and nerves travel into the bone itself (_________ Canals).

19. Turning of the palm or foot downward.


1. Ends of the long bone, including the epiphyseal, or growth plate, and support structures underlying the joint.

3. Spongy bone tissue found at the distal and proximal ends of the long bones (__________ Bone).

4. Turning of the palm or foot upward.

5. Band of connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone.

6. Connective tissue providing the articular surfaces of the skeletal system.

7. Growth zone of the bone, active during the development stages of youth.

9. Movement of a body part or extremity toward the midline.

10. Attachment of muscle to the bone that moves when the muscle contracts.

11. Incomplete dislocation of a joint.

13. Having to do with, or relating to, the lubrication of the joint.

14. Attachment of a muscle to the bone that does not move when the muscle contracts.

15. Hollow shaft of long bones.

16. Disruption of the bone tissue.


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