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3. Dark-Green material found in the intestine of the full term neonate that can be expelled from the intestine into the amniotic fluid during periods of fetal distress.

5. An infant up to one month of age.

7. The presence of an infectious agent, usually bacteria, in the blood stream.

9. Viral infection of the medium-sized airways, occuring most frequently during the first year of age.

11. A numerical system of rating the condition of a newborn which evaluates the neonate's heart rate, respiratory rate, muscle tone, reflex irritability, and color.

13. Fractues seen in children characterized by angulation and deformity in the bone without an obvious break (______ Fractures).

15. 10 or more loose stool per day.

17. Areas in the infant skull where bones have not yet fused. (posterior and anterior)

19. Fractures seen in children characterized by a raised or bulging projection at the fracture site (________ Fractures).

20. An infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord.

21. Narrowest portion of the airway in children under 8 years old (_______ Cartilage).


1. Means present at birth.

2. An infant in the first few hours of life.

4. Bacterial infection of the epiglottis, usually occurring in children older than age four.

6. Fractures seen in children characterized by an incomplete break of the bone (________ Fractures).

8. A common viral infection of young children, resulting from edema of the sub-glottic tissues and characterized by barking cough and inspiratory stridor.

10. Illness of uncertain etiology that results in alteration of mental function in children, often associated with viral infections and the use of asprin (______ Syndrome).

12. Best patient assessment order for 6-12 month olds.

14. A suction device that contains a suction trap connected to a suction catheter, powered by negative pressure wither by mouth or a vacuum source (______ Suction Trap).

16. Type of shock that accompanies a bacterial infection, often due to release of endotoxins by the bacteria.

18. Illness of unknown etiology that occurs during the first year of life.


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