EMS-Patient Assessment
Definitions Crossword

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1. Pupils of unequal size.

3. High-pitched "crowing" sound caused by restriction of the upper airway.

7. Abnormal breath sounds resulting from the presence of fluid in the smaller airways.

9. The absence of breathing.

10. Fluid build-up; swelling.

13. To reduce or eliminate, usually with reference to a problem or discomforting feeling.

15. The membranous lining of the abdominal cavity.

17. Listening to sounds made by the internal organs, usually associated with the use of a stethoscope.

20. A sometimes painful, prolonged erection of the penis resulting from spinal injury or disease process. May occur with sickle cell anemia.

21. An air bubble, clot, or other particle carried by the blood into a blood vessel that may lodge in a smaller vessel, causing a blockage.


2. The presence of fluid within the abdominal cavity, often associated with congestive heart failure and alcoholism, among other causes.

4. Examining a patient by touch.

5. On or referring to, the same side.

6. To become larger.

8. Blood in the thoracic cavity.

11. A bruise.

12. An increased level of carbon dioxide in the body.

14. An iron-containing compound, found in the red blood cell, that is responsible for the transport and delivery of oxygen to the body cells.

16. The enlargement of the distal fingers and toes, often due to chronic respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

18. A yellowish coloration.

19. Bluish color.


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