Building Construction (2nd Ed.) Definitions Crossword

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4. One thousandth of an inch (.001 inch).

6. Vertical distance between treads of stair steps or of the entire stairs.

8. Framing member that directly supports the floor.

11. External surface material placed over an inner core. Typically used for aesthetic purposes. i.e.-brick

12. Projecting beam or slab supported at one end.

14. Usually refers to a device that has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. or Factory Mutual System and certified as having met minimum criteria for the device tested.

15. Structural member subjected to loads perpendicular to its length.

16. Wood sheet product made from several thin veneer layers that are sliced from logs and glued together.

17. Strong brown paper made of sulfate pulp.

18. Safe and continuous path of travel from any point in a structure leading to a public way. Composed of three parts: the exit access, the exit, and the exit discharge.


1. Process of chemical decomposition of matter caused by heat.

2. Windowed space that rises above lower stories to admit air, light, or both.

3. Stairs separated from the interior of a building by walls.

4. Cement-like liquid material that hardens and bonds individual masonry units into a solid mass.

5. Single vertical row of multiple rows of masonry units in a wall, usually brick.

6. The vertical part of a stair step. Also, vertical water supply line.

7. Supporting section of wall between two openings. Also a short masonry column. May also be a load-supporting member constructed by drilling or digging a shaft, then filling the shaft with concrete.

9. Device that restricts the flow of smoke through an air-handling system. Usually activated by the building's fire alarm signaling system.

10. Load applied to the center of the cross section of a member and perpendicular to that cross section. It can be either tensile or compressive and creates uniform stresses across the cross section of the material.

13. Ingredients or chemicals added to concrete mix to produce concrete with specific characteristics.


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