Extrication (1st Edition) 
Definitions Crossword

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1. Tool type that receives their operating energy from compressed air.

6. Type of power line that consists of a system of overhead wiring that provides a power source for electric trains.

7. Varying lengths of hardwood, usually 4x4 inches or larger, used to stabilize objects.

8. A chopping tool characterized by a thin, arched blade set at a right angle to the handle.

10. The post nearest the rear door handle on a four-door vehicle or the rear roof post on a two-door vehicle.

12. A screw-like shaft that is turned to move grain or other commodities through a farm implement.

14. The process of wrapping a strong piece of twine 8-10 times around the open end of a hook in a block and tackle system to prevent slippage off the intended anchor point.

16. The post between the front and rear doors of a four-door vehicle, or the door handle end post on a two-door car.

18. The flow of grain toward the vortex of the discharge funnel in a grain bin.

19. The process of shutting off and securing and power switches on a machine to prevent accidental reenergization of the machine.

20. A type of glass specially treated to become harder and more break-resistant than plate glass or a single sheet of laminated glass.


2. A U-shaped shackle attached with a pin or bolt to the end of a chain.

3. The process of providing additional support to key places between the object of entrapment and the ground or other solid anchor points to prevent unwanted movement.

4. A polycarbonate plastic used for windows that has one-half the weight of an equivalent piece of glass, yet is 30 times stronger than safety glass and 250 times stronger than regular glass.

5. An auxiliary electrical power device with a step-up transformer that converts the vehicles 12 or 24 volt DC power supply to a 110 or 220 volt AC current.

9. The front post area of a vehicle where the door is connected to the body.

11. The line order or arrangement of cars in a train.

13. A method of automobile construction used in modern cars in which the frame and body are all one integral unit.

15. A vertical lifting device that consists of a single pole attached to the front or rear of an apparatus and has a pulley at the other end.

17. A collision in which one vehicle sustains direct side impact.


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