Fire Investigation 
Definitions Crossword

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1. Formation of patterns of short cracks throughout the pane. It is thought to be the result of heating of one side of a pane while the other side remains cool.

3. The room or area where the fire began.

4. The energy possessed by a moving object (______ Energy).

6. A fire deliberately set under circumstances in which the responsible party knows it should not be ignited.

7. A single-acting protective device designed to open a circuit on a predetermined overcurrent.

11. The basic unit of electrical resistance symbolized either by W or R.

13. The transfer of heat energy by the movement of heated liquids or gases.

16. Visible radiation produced at the atomic level, such as a flame produced during the combustion reaction.

17. The basic unit of electrical voltage and may be abbreviated either V or E.

18. Basic unit of electrical current that may be abbreviated either by A or I.

19. The transmission of energy as an electromagnetic wave (such as light waves, radio waves, or X rays) without an intervening medium.

20. Energy transferred between two bodies of differing temperature, such as the sun and the earth.


1. Condition of impurity resulting from mixture or contact with foreign substance.

2. The part of the building that rests on the bearing soil and is wider than the foundation wall. Also the base for a column.

5. The point-to-point transmission of heat energy.

8. A conductor in a branch circuit which carries the return current but which is not energized (________ Conductor).

9. Force that tends to push the mass of a material together.

10. The basic unit of power. In simple electrical systems, power is equal to voltage times current.

12. The opposition to the flow of an electric current in a conductor or component. Measured in ohms (W).

14. Large, horizontal structural member used to support the ends of joists and beams.

15. Force of pulling apart or stretching.


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