Forcible Entry
Definitions Crossword

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3. The hinged part of a padlock.

4. The support or point of support on which a lever turns in raising or moving an object.

5. A tapered blade on a forcible entry tool, used for prying.

9. A notch, hole, or space cut into a door to receive the lock case, which contains the lock mechanism.

11. A molding that covers the narrow opening between adjacent double doors in the closed position.

12. The metal plate mounted in the door frame that receives the latch or deadbolt.

14. A type of swinging window, usually with small louvered glass sections that open and close by turning a crank.

15. The framework of a window, made of vertical stiles and horizontal rails, that holds the glazing.

16. A type of swinging window that is hinged on the side and swings outward.

17. A door with a metal exterior; may be flush-type or panel-type. Synonymous with Metal Clad Door.

18. The space between the shell and the plug of a lock cylinder obstructed by tumblers in the locked posistion (Two Words)


1. The part of a window that allows light to pass; the glass or thermoplastic panel in a window.

2. A part of the lock, other than the key or the knob, used to lock and unlock a door.

6. A type of swinging window that is hinged at the bottom and swings inward.

7. A simple type of mortise lock that requires a skeleton key to open.

8. Ground and polished, clear sheet glass; also called Float Glass (Two Words)

10. The part of a lock cylinder that activates the bolt or latch as the key is turned. Synonymous with Tail Piece.

13. The plate used with a rim lock to secure the lock cylinder to the door.

15. A vertical member of a window sash.

16. The part of a mortise lock cylinder that moves the bolt or latch as the key is turned.


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