HazMat Operations 
Definitions Crossword

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1. Ability of two or more chemicals to react and release energy and the ease with which this reaction takes place.

4. Flammable liquids that have an attraction for water, much like a positive magnetic pole attracts a negative pole. Examples include alcohols, ketones, and lacquers (TWO WORDS).

10. Chemicals that interfere with the normal growth of an embryo, causing malformations in the developing fetus.

11. Materials that cause changes in the genetic system of a cell in ways that can be transmitted during cell division.

12. A watery mixture of insoluble matter (such as mud, lime, or plaster of paris).

14. Any substance that prevents oxygen from combining in sufficient quantities with the blood or from being used by body tissues.

15. An insoluble liquid suspended in another liquid.

16. Compound containing hydrogen that reacts with water to produce hydrogen ions.

18. Chemical reaction producing vigorous heat and sparks or flame and moving through the material (as black or smokeless powder) at less than the speed of sound.

19. Two or more liquids' capability to mix together.

20. Material that ignites spontaneously when exposed to air.


2. Freight containers designed and constructed to be used interchangeably in two or more modes of transport (__________ Tank Container).

3. Gases that are cooled to a very low temperature, usually below -150oF, to change to a liquid.

5. Electromagnetic wave with no electrical charge. This type of radiation is extremely penetrating; very high energy X rays (_______ Radiation).

6. Type of radiation that can cause skin burns.

7. Inert materials; that is, they have no active properties. They can be used to pick up a liquid contaminant.

8. Chemicals that affect the central nervous system (_________ Agent).

9. Meteorological condition in which the temperature of the air some distance above the earth's surface is higher than the temperature of the air at the surface (Air _________).

13. Materials that ignite when they come into contact with each other (___________ Materials).

17. Atmospheric storage tank designed so that the roof floats on a slight cushion of vapor pressure (_______ Roof Storage Tank).


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