Pumping Apparatus/Driver Operator
Definitions Crossword

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2. Fitting for connecting hose couplings with dissimilar threads but with the same inside diameter.

5. To standardize or adjust the increments on a measuring instrument.

7. Spiral, divergent chamber of a centrifugal pump in which the velocity energy given to water by the impeller blades is converted in to pressure.

10. Proportioning device that injects foam concentrate into the water flowing through a hoseline or pipe.

11. Intermediate partial bulkhead that reduces the surge effect in a partially loaded liquid tank.

13. Force per unit area measured in pounds per square inch (psi) or kilopascals (kPa).

16. Mixture of foam concentrate and water after it leaves the proportioner but before it is discharged from the nozzle and air is added to it (Foam _________).

18. Master stream appliance whose stream direction can be changed while water is being discharged.

20. Generic term applied to any nozzle, wye, siamese, deluge monitor, or other piece of hardware used in conjunction with fire hose for the purpose of delivering water.

21. Gauge that indicates both the amount of electrical current being drawn from and provided to the vehicle's battery.

22. Height a column of water may be lifted in sufficient quantity to provide a reliable fire flow (__________ Lift).


1. Water storage receptacle that is usually underground and may be supplied by a well or rainwater runoff.

2. Unplanned, uncontrolled event that results from unsafe acts of people and/or unsafe occupational conditions, either of which can result in injury.

3. Small positive-displacement pump used to evacuate air from a centrifugal pump housing and hard suction hose.

4. Auxiliary electrical power generating device consisting of a step-up transformer that converts the vehicle's 12- or 24-volt DC current into 110- or 220-volt AC current.

6. Vaned, circulating member of the centrifugal pump that transmits motion to the water.

8. Condition that occurs when the throttle application is greater than necessary for a given set of conditions.

9. Operation of a two- (or more) stage centrifugal pump in which water passes consecutively through each impeller to provide high pressures at a reduced volume (_________ Operation).

12. Generic term used for materials that are used to extinguish fires.

14. Mechanical device installed in a discharge line that senses the amount of water flowing and provides a readout in units of gallons per minute.

15. Of or relating to water or other liquid in motion.

17. Frame upon which the body of the fire apparatus rests.

19. Valve used for placing multistage centrifugal pumps in volume or pressure operation (_________ Valve).


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