Fire Service Ventilation (7th Ed.) 
Definitions Crossword

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2. Any device positioned within a space to blow contaminated air out of that space.

4. Means by which fire issuing from windows and climbing up the side of a building spreads fire vertically from floor to floor.

6. The absence of pressure within a space.

8. Tendency to rise or float.

10. Direction from which the wind is blowing; the unprotected side.

12. Window or covering that consist of one or more sashes that are hinged at the top and swing outward.

16. A concealed and often unfinished space between the ceiling of the top floor and the roof of a building.

17. Vertical or horizontal stresses that tend to pull things apart.

18. Oxygen deficiency in the body tissues.

19. (______ Effect) Method of drawing air from a space by forcing air to move past the space.

20. Transfer of heat by the movement of fluids such as air or water.


1. Transfer of heat through heat waves (infrared).

3. Transfer of heat through direct contact between two objects or through contact with an intervening medium that transfers heat.

5. Atmospheric phenomenon that allows smoke to rise until its temperature equals the surrounding air temperature, then begins to spread laterally in a horizontal layer.

7. The combined effects of two or more substances that is greater that the individual substances' effects.

9. Wall finish consisting of sheets of gypsum board.

11. Term used to describe an object that releases heat.

13. Process by which molecules spread from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration.

14. Roof covering formed from composition material.

15. Walls of varying heights that separate roofs of adjoining buildings or adjacent portions of a building.


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