Wildland Firefighting (3rd Ed.)
Definitions Crossword

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3. Debris left after logging, pruning, thinning, or brush cutting; includes logs, chunks, bark, branches, stumps, and broken understory trees or brush.

7. Sudden dangerous increase in fireline intensity typically caused by strong or erratic wind, steep slopes, large open areas, and easily ignited fuels.

10. Entire outer edge or boundary of a fire.

12. Long, narrow extensions of a fire projecting from the main body.

14. Standing dead tree or part of a dead tree from which at least the leaves and smaller branches have fallen.

15. Process of thermodynamic change of state in which no heat is added or subtracted from a system; compression always results in warming, expansion results in cooling.

16. Contains objectives reflecting the overall incident strategy and specific tactical actions for the next operational period; may be oral or written

18. Fire edge that crosses a control line.

20. Offensive tactic associated with indirect attack-, intentionally setting fire to fuels inside the control line to slow, knock down, or contain a rapidly spreading fire.


1. Level or area containing the crowns of the tallest vegetation present (living or dead), usually above 20 feet (6 in).

2. Colored flare designed as a railway warning device used to ignite backfires and other prescribed fires.

4. Outside or downhill side of a ditch or trench; a mound or wall of earth.

5. Small rotating windstorm of limited extent containing sand or dust.

6. Parts of a fire's perimeter that are roughly parallel to the main direction of spread.

8. Checking the spread of fire at points of more rapid spread or special threat only.

9. Precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground.

11. Any substance, except plain water, that reduces flammability of fuels or slows their rate of combustion by chemical or physical action.

13. Steep, narrow draws or canyons in which heated air rises rapidly as it would in a flue pipe.

17. Increase of temperature with height in the atmosphere. Vertical motion in the atmosphere is inhibited allowing for smoke buildup.

19. Partly decomposed and matted leaves, twigs, and bark beneath the litter of freshly fallen twigs, needles, and leaves.


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