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Q. What does this cost?


$9.95 - 3 month subscription

$15.95 - 6 month subscription

$21.95 - 1 year subscription

$39.95 for a LIFETIME Membership


Q.  Why do some things not show up in my browser?

A.  Most likely, it is your browser settings.  FireNotes is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer/Netscape version 4 or better.  FireNotes uses the latest web technologies to provide more interactive studying.  All of the tests on FireNotes use Javascript, a web language.  Your browser MUST have Java enabled.  Also, FireNotes uses cookies to gather information from your browser on your viewing preferences.  Please consult your help in your browser for more information on Java and Cookies or email Mike@FireNotes.com for more info.


Q.  What if I use AOL?

A.  Even if you use AOL, you can still use a separate browser by logging on to AOL, then starting your alternate browser (i.e.-Internet Explorer) from your start menu or quick launch bar.  For more info, email Mike@FireNotes.com 


Q.  How can I justify spending money on someone else's notes?

A.  I am by no means trying to make a quick buck with this site. This site has already been 5+ years in the making.  I feel that I have a great resource here and want to share it with everyone possible for the benefit of my fellow firefighters.  No one wants to ride the back of the rigs forever.  My suggestion is promote, promote, promote.  Take some time to study and pass a few tests.  I assure you it will be of benefit to you personally and financially.


Q.  Where does the money go?

A.  The money goes mainly for the server space, software to run and develop the site, the most recent resource materials to keep the site updated, and last time I calculated profits, I got to take home a whopping 38 cents per hour for my time.

Membership fees brought in $2,456 for 2003. Cost of running the site for 2003 was $1,923.


Q.  What if I don't like the site or do not find it useful?

A.  That's why there is a free preview of the website. Take a look.  The free preview is identical to what you will see as a member.  In most cases, the free preview allows you to only look at the first chapter, however, you can tell by the menu what is available for the books you are interested in.  No refunds are given once you sign up.  This is due to the high cost of processing refunds and the main reason there is an extensive free preview.


Q.  How do I cancel if I don't like the site?

A.  You simply log into your Paypal account and cancel your subscription there. I cannot cancel your membership for you unless you want to give me your Paypal user name and password.


Q.  What if I forget to cancel and I don't use the site?

A.  Unfortunately, you will be charged.  Billings are done on a recurring basis, meaning that when your account becomes due, you will be charged for another term.  It is your responsibility to manage your billing at PayPal.


Q.  What if I cancel in the middle of a month or year that I have paid for?  Will I get a refund?

A.  No refunds of any kind will be given (see free preview Q & A).  This is the reason that many payment terms are available.


Q.  Where do you get your information?

A.  The information comes from note cards, lecture notes, books, reference materials, classes I've attended, and the internet.  It is my personal information I have collected and spent many, many hours (and years) compiling. The fire notes come mainly from International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) manuals or "Red Books" as they are commonly called and some other Fire Protection Publications.


Q.  How often do you update your site?

A.  Updates are done almost on a daily basis.   As for tests, they are very time consuming to create, however, I try to add at least one new test each week.   If you find that a particular book does not have the study material you are needing, you may CLICK HERE to request it.  Most new material on the site comes from requests from members.


Q.  Who in the heck are you?

A.  My name is Mike Nikkel of Oklahoma City, OK.  I am a Firefighter/Haz-Mat tech/Paramedic/EMS Instructor for Oklahoma City Fire Department (Station 5-Green Shift).   I have been with OCFD for 5 years.  I spend most of my days, on and off duty, studying for the next promotional exam.  The notes you see here on FireNotes and the same ones that I use to study myself, so I take great care in typing my notes.  You should feel confident that every effort is made to make sure that all material is precise.


Q.  Why should I sign up for your site?

A.  Many reasons:  Promotional exams, study materials to get you through a class, resources anywhere there is an internet connection, etc.


Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A.  PayPal ONLY, no exceptions.


Q.  Where do I sign up?



If I have not answered all of your questions here, feel free to email me at Mike@FireNotes.com